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Get a ROBYNgraph™ – an award winning photograph By Master Photographer, Robyn Hills  printed onto a stylish necktie.       
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Birthday coming up soon?
Looking for a gift for the man in your life that he'll love? These stylish neckties have award winning photographs printed onto the fabric and are hand-tailored.  Each time he wears it, he'll think of you!
Neckties $89.95
And now in stock, matching silk Kerchiefs and Pocket Squares $49.95
FREE gift wrapping in a beautiful wooden presentation box.
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ROBYNgraph™ of the Month
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An idea transformed into a photograph
Describing himself as a native New Yorker, Elah Village is always full of interesting ideas and happy to share them with anyone.  I met him about 18 years ago when he had a computer store in Caloundra. Last year when I saw him down the main street, he told me about an operation he had to have. 

On Facebook, he sent a message saying we needed to talk.  He'd lost so much weight, that he thought he looked like a war survivor.  He was fascinated that his body looked totally different to how he felt - and was offering it up as a photographic model to explore the idea.

Feeling honoured that people understand me and what I do, Elah knew that I'd enjoy the challenge of translating his idea into a finished artwork.  The session was so much fun - Elah had asked the nurse for extra drain bags - which we filled with water and red food colouring.  I used the light to sculpt the scene.
The reward for this collaboration was a Gold award at the Qld AIPP Epson Professional Photography Awards.

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   Robyngraphs™ - Photographs
   created by Master Photographer
   Robyn Hills.

   Unique, timeless and

   For people who admire
   quality, originality
   and style.

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Necktie Boxes
Your next tie order from ROBYNgraphs Photo Ties will come in a beautiful wooden box with a sliding drawer. They are made from Paulowinia, with is plantation timber and are chosen for being eco friendly and a renewable source. Also the boxes are designed to be recycled – after taking out your tie to wear it, use the box for jewellery, watches, etc.
Doing our bit to help the planet.

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