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Get a ROBYNgraph™ – an award winning photograph By Master Photographer, Robyn Hills  printed onto a stylish necktie.       
                 Unique Photo Ties
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Birthday  approaching?
Order him a necktie that will be gift wrapped and delivered in a beautiful presentation box. He'll love getting a unique gift that every time he wears it, will remind him of you. New Range including Golf Gallery, Boating Berths, Cycling Cadence and a special treat for our Peregrine Falcon fans, Peregrines Parenting.



ROBYNgraph™ of the Month
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Moonie Melon Holes
Gold Award at the AIPP QLD Epson 2014 Professional Photography Awards. We flew out to a delightfully small dot of a township called Moonie, in south western Queensland by helicopter. After rain, the black soil sinks in patches, holding the water, creating what is colloquially known as 'melon holes'.  The farmer still tries to get the most out of the land, so has to plough around the melon holes.  Our reward from this perspective is the intricate patterns this combination creates.  

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Necktie Boxes
Your next tie order from ROBYNgraphs Photo Ties will come in a beautiful wooden box with a sliding drawer. They are made from Paulowinia, with is plantation timber and are chosen for being eco friendly and a renewable source. Also the boxes are designed to be recycled – after taking out your tie to wear it, use the box for jewellery, watches, etc.
Doing our bit to help the planet.

All neckties come gift boxed with a miniature photograph of the original and the story behind it. Made by hand in Australia, the perfect gift that is unique for those with personality and style.


   Robyngraphs™ - Photographs
   created by Master Photographer
   Robyn Hills.

   Unique, timeless and

   For people who admire
   quality, originality
   and style.
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Photography Awards
Three out of my four entries were given Silver Awards at the recent Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA).
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